Industrial, Specialty and Bulk Gases

The right gas for the job

With the right gas, you can increase uptime, improve productivity, reduce costs and run applications more effectively. At Miller Industrial Gases, we work with our customers to make sure they have the right gas to tackle the job at hand.

Acetylene SDS
Ammonia SDS
Argon Compressed SDS
Argon Refrigerated Liquid SDS
Carbon Dioxide SDS
Helium SDS
Hydrogen SDS
Methane SDS
Nitrogen Compressed SDS
Nitrogen Refrigerated Liquid SDS
Oxygen Compressed SDS
Oxygen Refrigerated Liquid SDS
Propane SDS
Propylene SDS

Our engineers will work with you to determine the most effective gas blends and gas handling equipment to meet your needs.  Please contact us at (800) 632-9543 to speak with one of our representatives.